Sasha Bowles is a London based artist, working across painting, objects, film and installation. Her practice deals with illusion, intervention and metamorphosis to exploring the past through the reinterpretation of artworks and artefacts placed within reimagined architectural and historical contextualisation.

Our identity is both a manifestation of bodily presence, outer appearance and situation placement. Sasha creates grand spaces of habitation and thresholds that are manifested as fantastical places that cannot exist. Using different uncanny properties as conduits for intimacy, existence, status and personality.

Taking her starting point from ‘Old Masters’ paintings, photographs and classical architectural interiors; Bowles’ acts as a mischievous collaborator, working in alliance with the past. She then re-presents; subverting classical narratives and environments, cloaking and rearranging the images in a multitude of ways to open up new interpretations in new situations.  The object interacts with its context and vice versa; by using architectural, museum and domestic display Sasha is examining the boundaries that cross between spaces and how the display and context of objects and artworks effects our reading and engagement with it. The known becomes uncanny and challenges us to re-evaluate our interpretation and engagement of the familiar.